1905's Women's Undergarments

Designer & Draper

Photography by Yao Kuang Lee

Early twentieth century ladies' undergarments ensemble.

This look includes a pair of cotton voile combinations inspired by period catalogs and illustrations. It closes at the front with crochet loops and lace. It is hand tucked and hand finished.

A matching set of breast and bum pads helps to acomplish the S silhouette of the period, covered by a lightweight petticoat with insertion lace and reinforced hem that adjusts with cording at the waist.

The 1905 inspired corset is made with the characteristic curved shapes that accentuate the body in a way that creates a nest space for the voluminous breast and pushes the hips back to create the pidgeon look. It closes with a straight busk at center front, allowing the wearer to get dressed by themself, and adjustable cording on the back to pull from the waist.