First Hand

Directed by Stevie Walker-Webb

Costume Design by Celeste Jennings

Draper Becca Jewett

Fat Ham is a modern comedy adaptation of Hamlet.

Construction of a padded bodysuit to hold and conceal the smoke packs and tubes for the father's apparition coming out of a barbecue.

Hooded vest for Juicy made out of neoprene 3D mesh. Seams and finishes overlocked and coverstitched.

Larry's final look made with stiffened cotton pocketing covered with paper stick-on original white brand snacks packages and covered with packing tape to simulate real bags, with wired edges finished with binding. Goodbye needle.

Fosshape shoulder pads covered in matching skintone leather underneath and a hand-stitched spoon fan on the top part of the shoulder. Attached with snaps onto a reinforced net shirt.

Fat Ham

The Huntington Theatre