The Three Fates

Design and Production

Makeup & Photography by Yao Kuang Lee
ODELs: Sandra Zhihan Jia, Clarissa Tanner, Ginger O'Day

An exploration of the Three Fates from Greek mythology and their specific roles within the concept of destiny.

Playing with texture and movement, Clotho (right) is a nurturing creature. The voluminous and floaty dress evoke nature and birth. The sleeves are smocked with pearls and the bodice, structured as a shell, holds her brests with hand beaded silk organza.

Lachesis (middle) embodies the intertwining chaos and control of life. The ombré dyed classic tutu connects with the stretch bodice, covered in silk organza feathers that grow toward the gathered wings and high collar.

Atropos (left) sympolizes the end and the infinite. The bottom piece spirals from the skirt on the back to become pants in the front, and spirals back around the legs. The bodice consists of a bralette top with textured stripes underneath a Thermoplastic textured armor.